335ml L Amour Frosted Heart Whisky Tumbler

Express your emotions, commemorate special occasions, or kindle new connections with a gesture thats as memorable as it is heartfelt. Introducing the 335ml LAmour Frosted Heart Whisky Tumbler, whose carefully sculpted shape allows your whisky to breathe, enhancing its nuances, while the intricately frosted love hearts serve as a reminder of the emotions that intertwine each sip. The glass itself is of the highest quality, ensuring a pristine clarity that showcases the rich hues of your whisky. Combine one or more of these Tumblers with a satin lined presentation box to make a wonderful gift.

Product Code: STL35
Stock Status: 143 pcs

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Dimension: H105 D75
Engraving Area: H25 W50
Weight: 0.14kg

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